Acai Berries

Does acai berries deserve all the hype?

This detective gives acai berries a strong "maybe." Let's find out what makes this little Brazilian berry so popular...

With so much hype concerning acai, it’s important to get accurate information on this superfood.

A little bigger than a blueberry, acai has seen its popularity grow like crazy in the past 5 years. They’re everywhere! From diet pills promising to help you lose "X" amount of pounds to being used as a flavor in alcoholic beverages (Absolut has a "Berry Acai" flavor).

Type in "acai" or any other synonym in a search engine and you will find a plethora of endorsements and glamorous testimonials about the acai's powerful health benefits

acai berry bowl

Truth is that acai does have a lot of potential health benefits. Just remember not to get caught up in all the hype.

Here is some basic information you should know.

This berry comes from the Amazon forest of Brazil. And that is the only place you will find it fresh because the Brazilian government has restrictions on importing the seeds.

Also, they spoil fairly quickly once they’re picked so the most common versions you’ll find is juice form, the freeze-dried powder or frozen pulp form (both great for smoothies and desserts).

A quick overview of their health benefits include: 

  • Enhances the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation, good for heart health and can possibly reduce the occurrence of heart disease
  • Has many essential amino acids
  • A good amount of healthy fat and fiber 

Just to give you a heads up, acai products can be on the expensive side and they do provide a good amount of antioxidants.

If you're thinking about adding acai to your diet, keep in mind that antioxidants work best when you combine them with other antioxidants. Not only is it more cost-effective but it's also better for your body.

One of the best anti-aging products I recommend has acai berry, bovine extract (which is found in wine), coffee berry, goji berry, green tea and pomegranate all in one supplement. You can find it here: 

Other Products:

Acai berry has become very popular recently, largely to the fact that it is known as a ‘super food’. Acai berry cleanse is one such product and is manufactured by Acai Zone, makers of several berry formulas.The acai berry cleanse starts by reducing ingestion of high-fat, high-sugar content foods, junk food and desserts.

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